Introducing WorkLMTM
Leena AI's Proprietary Large Language Model That Makes Work Easy
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Bring it where you areLeena AI integrates with all the platforms your workforce loves
Leena AI integrationsLeena AI integrations
Manage all employee queries at one placeMake it simple for your employees to give feedback with easy-to-use AI-powered conversations. Eliminate the hassle of poor user interface and long feedback forms.
Carry out automated contextual conversationOur conversational AI works in sync with your HRIS system. Thus, it makes it easy for your employees to access personal information like salary slips, and tax deductions via enterprise conversations.
Bring together all the information your employees needEnable your employees to access and sync all the information from third-party applications directly within enterprise conversational AI.
Move your tickets wherever you want toIf you want to move your tickets out of Leena AI and collaborate with other departments, we handle it with complete efficiency.
You’re one step away from an excellent employee experience.
You’re one step away from an excellent employee experience.